Don’t know much about Egypt? Not sure what to do/see in Cairo? Well keep reading!

The first places on my list to visit are pretty obvious: the Pyramids and the Sphinx. They are astonishing to say the least, and the Great Pyramid is the only surviving wonder from the 7 wonders of the ancient world. In my experience the down side to the Pyramids is how the majority of Egyptians that congregate around this amazing site behave. They view visitors purely as dollar signs and can be overwhelmingly aggressive when selling you their knick-knacks. Don’t let that discourage you, the Pyramids are definitely worth the trip.


Another great thing to do is explore Islamic Cairo. Don’t let the name fool you, Islamic Cairo is no more or less Islamic than the rest of the city, but it’s the area of the city which holds the most, the greatest and the most famous Islamic monuments. A huge, bustling center of worship, trade, shopping and commuting- Khan el-KhaliliCairo’s most famous market- is also located in Islamic Cairo, which can be a fun place to try out your negotiating skills.


 A Felucca ride on the Nile River is amazing. Feluccas are the traditional wooden sailboats of Egypt’s Nile. Egyptians and foreigners alike enjoy a relaxing felucca ride, as it is the perfect way to enjoy the more peaceful side of Cairo. They are very affordable for those on a budget and a great way to sight see while staying cool during the hot, humid days.


Even if you don’t smoke, try smoking shisha at least once. Shisha is very popular in Egypt and most cafe’s have it on the menu. The tobacco comes in numerous flavors. The most common is apple. It is pressed into a detachable pipe top which is wrapped in foil. The foil is pierced with tiny holes and fixed in place at the top of the pipe. Hot coals are then placed on the foil. For hygiene purposes you should be provided with your own plastic nozzle that you attach to the pipe’s mouthpiece. Smoking a full pipe takes around an hour and is the equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes, so not very healthy but fun to try.


 Last but not least, learn a few Arabic words and use them during the day. I’ve noticed that Egyptians are tickled when they encounter a foreigner who takes the time to learn their own language. Don’t worry about saying it wrong or looking silly, the person you are talking to understands Arabic is not your first language and will help you.


Facts about Egypt.

Egypt is one of the most populous countries in Africa and the Middle East and is the 15th most populated country in the world. As of 2012 the population is over 82 million, which wouldn’t be a problem if people were scattered all over the country, but over half of Egypt’s residents live in the urban areas, such as Alexandria, Cairo – the capital of Egypt- and other major cities in the Nile Delta. A quarter of the population lives in Cairo alone, making it the most crowded metropolitan city in the world. As a result of this over population most Egyptians live in poverty.


“Poverty doesn’t mean sadness”

Despite the difficult economic situation, Egyptians are extremely friendly and will go out of their way to help you. One example of how genuinely friendly they can be was when I needed to cross a busy street in Cairo. It can be very dangerous because of the chaotic traffic and I was a little nervous. A young man spotted me from the other side, ran over, gave me his arm, and helped me cross safely.

Not only are Egyptians pure at heart but they are gorgeous. The majority have Caucasian features, although dark-skinned compared to Europeans. Caucasian features are characterized by wavy to curly hair, thin lips, round, deep-set eyes and narrow, prominent noses. Beautiful.


“Menna Elazamy”

In my opinion the Land of Eternity is one of the most amazing, mysterious, mind blowing countries on our beloved planet, and you know what they say, “Egypt is not a country you live in, it is a country that lives within you”. I wholeheartedly agree.


Devon’s Egypt not only provides you with knowledge about the country, we also can design customized tours for single or small groups of people and can secure a fabulous place to stay.

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14 Responses to Home

  1. Joan Morais says:

    Hi Devon,
    I enjoyed learning what you are up to and about Egypt. My dad spent time there a long time ago. I still have a rug he brought back 70 years ago. I want to go and visit one day.

  2. John M. says:

    Hi Devon,
    Fabulous. Great start on the blog! I look forward to seeing it round out over time. It definitely makes want to visit.
    Cheers, John M.

  3. Kerri says:

    Hi Devon,
    I love the market place picture. I am really interested in reading more…can’t wait to see what you blog. I hope you take a lot of pics and it would be awesome to see some video if you ever get a chance to record some of your adventuring. Keep it coming I am very interested in traveling there in the future….I think this blog is going to be very helpful for me.

  4. Ron Price says:

    Hi Devon,
    Your web site is awesome. You may want to get in touch with the Sonoma Index Tribune and let them know what a Sonoma Valley girl is doing in Egypt. It sure seems like that would result in some business.
    Years ago Donna and I would visit Cairo frequently to get away from Jettah, SA on weekends with our kids in tow. We stayed at the Mena Hotel in Giza which was very beautiful in the late 70’s and our kids loved the pool area. Is it still in existence? Sometimes we’d stay at the Nile Sheraton to be near the Museums, Mosques and the shopping in the Souq’s. The pool was a little bit too adult like for our brood but we tried to educate them a little.
    Sonoma Skypark is thriving and Robil Tatman has taken charge of the Air Explorers from Walt. Robin is a pilot for Delta Airlines and she brings new ideas to the group with more activities and less meetings. I’ll let her know about your blog.
    We are glad you are enjoying your adventure, maybe we’ll make a return trip someday.
    We send our best, Ron & Donna Price

    • devonsegypt says:

      Hi Ron,
      Yes, the Mena Hotel is still in business. That is a great idea! I didn’t even think to get in touch with any newspapers back home. I’m glad Sonoma Skypark and the Air Explorers are doing well. Please let everyone know I miss them! Thank you for your comment and support.

  5. Hi Devon,
    We got your letter back home, to The Sonoma Sun newspaper, and will print that very soon. Keep us posted — you are now our official Egypt correspondent!!!!

  6. Lucille Hamilton says:

    Devon, I enjoyed the article about you in the Sun. I was reading one of my favorite books on
    Egypt again for the umteenth time. (It is worth every penny for its literate and luminous description of a young woman’s
    love affair with Egypt, its people and above all the beauty of the nuances of both the
    scenery in the desert and of the language.) Reading of your enthusiasm made me think
    you might enjoy the book: “The Name of Things,” by Susan Brind Morrow. This is just
    an fyi. Have fun with your already astonishing life.

  7. Judy (and Ray) Watten says:

    Hi Devon, I read about you in the Kenwood Press! We live on Maple Avenue in Kenwood. We lived in Egypt for five years (1977–1982) and were thrilled to read about you. There is absolutely no place as exciting is there. Just walking a few blocks is full of adventures. My husband was the Commanding Officer of the Navy Medical Research Unit (NAMRU) and my daughters were in high school there. Their graduation was held at the Pyramids and their diplomas are on papyrus. I loved the Pharaonic Museum, trips to Kerdessa, Sakkara, Old Cairo, Alexandria and many other places. The three of us went to the Bazaar/Mooski/Khan El Khalili on Fridays as the kids’ school week at the American School was the Moslem week. We had wonderful wonderful times. Sailing on the Nile in small feluccas was one of them. Riding camels in the desert. Visiting the old gates on both sides of the Mooski. We have a lot of copper things but the adventure of acquiring them was the best part. I hope you will visit us on one of your trips home. You have the very best attitude for living overseas. I was overseas from 1961 until 1987 when we moved to Kenwood and loved it all.
    Ray is retired now and we are both potters in our small home studio. Egypt was too interesting for us to set up our studio there–our wheel and kiln stayed in the garage.

  8. Judy (and) Ray Watten says:

    Hi again Devon,
    I thought of something else we enjoyed in Cairo and that is the camel market. Quite an unusual place.

    • devonsegypt says:

      Hi Judy!
      I really enjoyed reading your comment about when you lived here. The high school graduation at the Pyramids with the papyrus diplomas made me smile! I will definitely want to visit you when I’m in California and would love to hear more of your Egypt stories. Feel free to email me whenever you want!

      Thank you,

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